Install ODBC Support for Linux

These instructions come from many other websites and I have consolidated them for what has worked for me.  If this also works for you, then that’s a good thing.  I have used these instructions to setup ODBC connectivity from Ubuntu 16.04 to a MSSQL server running 2008r2.  Then I have written applications using this ODBC connection in Gambas. Install Required Packages sudo apt-get install unixodbc unixodbc-dev freetds-bin Download and Compile FreeTDS cd /usr/local sudo wget tar xvfz freetds-stable.tgz cd freetds-0.82 ./configure –enable-msdblib –with-tdsver=8.0 –with-unixodbc=/usr make make install make clean Test Connections telnet <ip address of SQL Server> 1433 Should result in: Connected to <ip address of SQL Server> tsql -S <ip address of SQL Server> -U <username> Should result in: 1> Create Configuration File In the home directory create .odbc.ini – [mssqlserver] Description = MS SQL Server Driver = /usr/local/lib/ Server = <ip address of SQL Server> UID = <username> PWD = <password> ReadOnly = No Port = 1433 TDS_Version = 8.0 Test ODBC Connection isql -v mssqlserver <username> ‘<password>’