Dad Pranks

Here is a list of things I did with my children when they were little. Toothbrush Song –We would hum a song while brushing our teeth to ensure they were brushing long enough. I never told them the song was the theme to Dark Shadows. Years later, my daughter was watching the movie version of Dark Shadows and discovered the theme was the toothbrush song. Pick your favorite show and have at it. The Answer is Lincoln –I would ask them a series of questions to which the answer was always Lincoln. For example: Name a luxury model car made by Ford. What is the capital of Nebraska? Name the 16th president of the United States. Whose face is on the penny? Then when you are boasting about your kids in front of someone ask them one of the questions. The more obscure the better.You can do this with any specific answer as long as it is always the same. For an extra laugh, expose the trick by asking a few more questions. I got a Haddok too –For this one I teach them a short skit from a Marx Brothers movie, but you can use any short silly skit. This one goes like this: “Who are you?” “I’m fine thanks, who are you?” “I’m fine too but you can’t come in unless you give the password.” “Alright, what is the password?” “Oh no, you gotta tell me. I’ll give you a hint, it’s the name of a fish.” “I got it, haddock.” “That’s funny a gotta haddock too.” “Really, whaddya take for a haddock?” You can choose who does what part, but I usually let them do the second part so I can start.