Love My Chromebook (Provided it’s Served with Croutons)

I bought an Acer CB3-111 for $150 after reading several reviews on Amazon.  This is an 11″ Chromebook with a full fledged Intel Celeron processor.  Immediately after getting it I downloaded the latest Crouton.  For those that don’t know, Crouton is a great little tool for installing and running Ubuntu on your Chromebook.  The process takes about 5 steps and the most annoying thing about the whole process was having to boot the Chromebook into Developer mode and wait the 20 seconds while it says “Hey your booting into Developer mode and should press a key to completely not do this.”  HAHAHA….NOPE!!  Unfortunately, every time you boot the Chromebook it will display this warning and you will need to wait without touching it.  Since I don’t ever turn it off, this is generally not an issue.  I don’t include the steps for installing Crouton, just Google it, there are plenty of sites that give detailed instructions. Once Crouton is installed and you have loaded and launched your favorite flavor of Ubuntu, mine was Xubuntu, now you have a full laptop.  Since this thing is all solid state, I got a hard plastic shell for it for an extra $20 and lug this thing around with me everywhere.