Proxmox VE (Virtually Serving the Home User)

I have been a long time user of VMWare and have used the product extensively to run Windows on Linux or vice-versa.  In addition, I have used it to virtualize many of the services I use at home.  For instance, my Samba and FTP server is a virtual machine running Ubuntu 10.04 on an Ubuntu 12.04 host.  This has saved my ass in the past when I’ve had hardware issues and had to migrate from one computer to another.  Since the Samba and FTP server was a virtual machine I merely had to move it from the computer it was on and host it on a temporary computer while I repaired the hardware on the main computer.  Once the hardware was repaired I simply moved the virtual machine back.  I recently added Owncloud to my virtual server collection.  This has been very effective and I have been very happy with the decision to virtualize the server since moving it will now be very easy and making backups is as simple as stopping the guest, making a copy of the file and then restarting it.   The virtualized servers have been running on my fileserver which is mostly responsible for storing the 2 TB of data in a raid 1 configuration and making it available to the household users.  This has all been working quite well, but in the words of Tim Allen, I wanted to give it “More power!!!!”.  It was a simple enough decision to split the virtual server part off of the fileserver, let the fileserver continue to host its 2 TB of data and let a new computer do all the virtualization….  Enter Proxmox VE.  Proxmox VE is similar to VMWare ESXi in that it is installed on bare metal and runs virtual machines that you have to remotely access.  Proxmox supports fully virtualized KVM and OpenVZ or containers.  This was ideal for me since most of my home based virtual machines run Linux and containers are known to be much more efficient than KVM, but can not run Windows. With the platform selected the next step was to purchase the hardware.  I selected the AMD FX-8350 processor with its 8 cores feeling that this would be perfect for CPU hungry virtual machines.  I snapped this into an MSI 990FXA-GD65 which would unleash its power giving it 6GB SATA III ports.  I then added a Seagate Barracuda 1TB HD, but this failed after a week and I replaced it with a Western Digital Red 2TB for nearly twice the price.  Last I put in two 4GB sticks to take advantage of the dual channel memory, but planned to upgrade later.  As for video and case, these things are merely fluff on a headless PC, so any old one was fine.  In the end it came to about $630, a little more than I wanted to spend, but a lot less than if I had purchased something prefab.   Installing Proxmox was a breeze as everything is open … Continue Reading →

Get YOUR Religion OUT of my HEALTHCARE!!!

This is probably more of a rant, but I just have to respond to this insanity that was the supreme court’s decision to allow Hobby Lobby to opt out their employees from birth control coverage.  Unbelievable!!!!  This sounds more like a subversive means of employee discrimination allowing employers to say, “You can work for us, but only if you share our religious beliefs regarding YOUR healthcare.”  For the money grubbing companies who feel like they want to get back at the government for regulating healthcare coverage in the first place, this is an open invitation to make up any “against my religious beliefs” nonsense they can think of to allow them to drop healthcare coverage for their employees and save themselves a few bucks.   This is what I think… “SCREW YOU…  HOBBY LOBBY!!!!”  and any other company that tries this maneuver.  If you felt THAT strongly about where your money went or where it came from you should be screening your customers for their beliefs.  Could you imagine a Hobby Lobby cashier saying, “Before I ring this up can you please tell me if you use birth control?”  I’ll bet the owner of Hobby Lobby has no problem TAKING money from the infidel.  What a hypocrite!   I plan to make a list of shame for all these companies and keep it here.  If you find any and can provide some source verifying the data, PLEASE send it to me and I will add it.  Let’s use the consumer power we have to boycott these companies that would deny health care based on so-called “religious beliefs”.   THE LIST OF SHAME: 1. Tyndale House 2. Freshway Foods 3. Johnson Welded Products 4. Willis & Willis PC 5. Trijicon, Inc. 6. Barron Industries 7. Midwest Fastener Corp 8. Electrolock Inc. 9. Zumbiel Packaging 10. Encompass Develop, Design & Construct, LLC. 11. Holland Chevrolet 12. Autocam Corporation 13. Dominos Farms 14. Mersino Management 15. Eden Foods Incorporated 16. MK Chambers Company 17. M&N Plastics 18. Mersino Dewatering, INC 19. Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc., 20. Truine Health Group 21. Grote Industries 22. Tonn and Black Construction 23. Lindsay, Rappaport and Postel LLC 24. Hart Electric LLC, 25. Ozinga Brothers 26. O’Brien Industrial Holding 27. American Pulverizer Company 28. Annex Medical Inc 29. Sioux Chief MFG. Co, Inc. 30. O’Brien Industrial Holding 31. Bick Holdings Inc. 32. SMA LLC 33. Medford 34. Feltl and Co. 35. Randy Reed Automotive 36. Doboszenski & Sons, Inc 37. Hastings Automotive 38. Stinson Electric 39. Hercules Industries, Inc. is 40. Continuum Health Partnership & Conessione 41. Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. 42. Beckwith Electric Co. 43.  Geneva College 44. Weingartz Supply Company 45. Sharpe Holdings Inc.   NON-PROFITS:  (In my opinion, these still have no excuse…  You want to have “corp” status, you provide healthcare.  If it conflicts with your beliefs then talk about it with your employees.  Don’t take it to court.) 46. Catholic Benefits Association 47. Belmont Abbey Coll. 48. Wheaton College (Illinois) 49. Roman Catholic Archbishop … Continue Reading →