Lunar Eclipse 2014

My wife is an amateur photographer who took a series of pictures back in 2010 of the Lunar Eclipse.  I can’t remember if there were any predictions regarding the end of days that would come as a result of that Lunar Eclipse, but the time has come again, for another.  As “rare” as people say lunar eclipses are, they are actually quite common in astronomical terms….  Sometimes happening twice in a single year.  It’s that time again and I just peeked my head outside to see a completely cloud covered sky.  We will still set the alarm for 1:00am and see what we see.

In case we don’t see anything, tonight, here is the feature photo she took in late 2010:

Lunar Eclipse 2010

If you are fortunate enough to be able to see the Lunar Eclipse, just remember, this is not a sign of anything other than that the moon goes around the Earth and they both go around the sun and sometimes they cast a shadow on one another just as two dancers might shadow each other as they twirl around the dance floor.  The moon cares even less about human events than does the Earth.  We are all quite insignificant in comparison, but at least we get to gaze upon it, question it and enjoy the beauty of it.  There aren’t too many things that can do that in the immediate vicinity.

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